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In addition to the Fusion 360 Widget, we provide the model in the following formats:

Some files extend the file limit of 100 Mb, and therefore, we use GitHub LFS (Large File Storage) to manage these large files effectively. Instructions how to use GitHub LFS can be found under Collaboration.

Naming Convention

The file names are in the following format:

  • HEL: This prefix represents the client.

       HEL: Helbling (internal project)

  • XX: This section indicates the type of the CAD file.

       01: Main assembly
       03: Sub-assembly
       04: Generative part or sheet metal
       06: Purchased electronic part

  • UU: The creator of the part is specified here. User 01 up to 04 exist.

  • YYY: The number of the part is composed of a three-digit code that starts from 000 and increments by one for each new part.

  • RR: The revision number is a two-digit code that starts from 00 and increases with each subsequent revision of the CAD file.

  • xyz: File type.

       sldsasm: SolidWorks assembly file
       sldprt: SolidWorks part file
       step: STEP file
       stl: STL file

Additional Notes

  • The part number (YYY) resets to 000 for different part types (XX) and for each user (UU). For example, both HEL-04-01000-00 and HEL-06-01000-00 may exist as one is a generative part or sheet metal and the other is an electronic part.

  • Fasteners, such as screws and nuts, do not have a part number.



  • HEL: Helbling
  • 06: Purchased electronic part
  • 01: User 1
  • 000: Part number 0
  • 000: Revision number 1
  • sldprt: SolidWorks part file