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Welcome to HelMoRo

Welcome to the official documentation of HelMoRo, the Helbling mobile robot.
HelMoRo is an open-source robotic platform designed by Helbling Technik in Zurich, Switzerland.

The robot uses ROS(1) and is equipped with a LiDAR sensor and a depth camera for autonomous navigation (see video below).

Get started testing HelMoRo in simulation and building your own hardware:

Get started

This website is structured into Hardware Documentation and Software Documentation.

In the Hardware section, you will find a complete list of materials, access to all CAD files, as well as the complete assembly instructions.

In the Software section, you'll find a link to the repo containing all the source code as well as a complete guide on how to install and run all the packages. Additionally, we tried to explain the thoughts behind some of the algorithms.

Go to Software Repo Go to Hardware Repo